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  • Cheers to the memories that will never fade

    What defines the worst or best day? Is it based on whether or not you cried, or whether you made…

    by tasvidaya
  • Law of attraction: A door-opener to mental health struggles?

    I know that you’re rolling your eyes right now, asking yourself, “Seriously, how can a scientist believe this mumbo jumbo?”.…

    by tasvidaya
  • The art of learning

    Let me stop you right there. I’m not going to give you tips on how to ace your next exam,…

    by tasvidaya
  • A Day in the life of a Cell biologist: Getting back into routine

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…my very FIRST VLOG! Holding a camera and recording yourself is a fun task…

    by tasvidaya
  • “Challenge accepted: Talk about yourself without mentioning academia!”

    If you’re a “How I met your mother” fan like me, you probably read this blog title in Barney’s voice.…

    by tasvidaya