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  • Setting Educational Precedent in a Time of Crisis Furthers Inequalities (Part I)

    Should online Schooling as the ‘new normal’ leave older teachers behind? The concepts of ‘e-learning’ and ‘online schooling’ are filled…

    by pagieljc
  • Education’s invisible enemy: A comparative look at the 1918 global flu pandemic vs the current COVID-19 pandemic

    What educational policy lessons can we learn from the 1918 Global flu pandemic to help in our current COVID-19 crisis?…

    by pagieljc
  • The irony of South African citizenship: Citizens with no rights

    In a Neoliberal world, what really constitutes a citizen? Citizenship is a hotly debated (and currently loaded) topic worldwide. Related…

    by pagieljc
  • Education in South Africa: A tale of two tragedies and our response as reformers

    Do you see them? The beginning of a new school year – for most teachers and learners – is accompanied…

    by pagieljc
  • Educational reformer promoting appropriate pedagogy and policy

    Education as a public good: is it any good for the public? Born in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga in 1988 to…

    by pagieljc