South African Young Academy of Science

Mpho Tshitangoni

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Dr Tshitangoni has more than 16 years experience in Environmental Management and Rural Development. After completing his Bachelor of Environmental Science degree, he chose to apply his knowledge and skills in the environmental consulting arena. He founded Wandma Consulting Services and worked for five (5) years before joining the KZN Department of Environmental Affairs. He worked in Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development before being appointed by the National Department of Environmental Affairs where he is currently serving as a Director: Land Remediation. He led the team that developed documentations in preparation for bringing Part 8 (Contaminated Land Provision) of the Waste Act into effect.

His academic qualifications includes: Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in Financial Management, B. Env.Sc, Hons, Masters and PhD in Rural Development. He has successfully supervised a Masters student. Currently he is co-promoting two PhD candidates at the Institute for Rural Development at the University of Venda. He has published numerous research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and presented papers in National and International Conferences such as International Committee on Contaminated Land in the United States of America, Australia; Chrysotile Asbestos meeting in Switzerland. His research interest includes: Sustainable Rural Development, Governance, Community Participation and Engagement, Land Reform. Rural Planning and Development.

He held many positions of responsibility which includes: Public relation officer of Environmental Science society at the University of Venda. He is a member of Institute of Environment and Recreation Management, a member of Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa.