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  • Traits of a good academic supervisor!

    Upon completion of my Honours studies, my supervisor invited me to co-supervise to a new Honours student with him, as…

    by ncubekn
  • On academic detachment and relational research

    A few months ago, I started a postdoctoral position at the University of Cape Town. Becoming part of an environment…

    by leahjunck
  • Getting a postgraduate qualification is challenging, but the end results are exciting

    “We” look like we have it all under control. But postgraduate studies are hard and at times frustrating. You would…

    by Maseteditshego
  • Presenting at the SSAG-SAAG 2021 Online Conference.

    During my PhD, I have been conducting research to produce the first peatland map of the Angolan Highlands. As a…

    by mauro95cesar