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  • Personal politics in science communication

    Can science communicators be apolitical and effective? In mid-February famed evolutionary biologist and science communicator Professor Richard Dawkins was once…

    by HaysHarvest
  • Freedom or Fallacy: A collage of South African perspectives. Where are we 26 years later?

    Annually since 1995, we commemorate Freedom Day which marks the first South African non-racial, democratic elections held on 27 February 1994. The…

    by michellebeeslaar
  • Education’s invisible enemy: A comparative look at the 1918 global flu pandemic vs the current COVID-19 pandemic

    What educational policy lessons can we learn from the 1918 Global flu pandemic to help in our current COVID-19 crisis?…

    by pagieljc
  • Fallacies and freedom of expression in Science

    Can ignorance be cured? The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused a global panic, unfortunately, during these trying times many people…

    by Sinenhlanhla Sikhosana