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  • South Africa’s #SpekboomChallenge: Sorting the facts from the fantasies

    Is spekboom South Africa’s silver-bullet solution to becoming carbon neutral? Over the last few weeks, a viral trend known as…

    by HaysHarvest
  • Be the change you want to see in the world

    Is the research we are producing in South Africa locally contextualized, relevant and addressing societal needs? In the 2000s social…

    by michellebeeslaar
  • Education in South Africa: A tale of two tragedies and our response as reformers

    Do you see them? The beginning of a new school year – for most teachers and learners – is accompanied…

    by pagieljc
  • Science for Change vs Science for ‘Fun’

    Should South Africa invest in fundamental research? We all want to save the world or at least have a positive…

    by Sinenhlanhla Sikhosana