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  • A Letter from 2050

    Dear Munira   2019 was the year the world finally woke up and did something to prevent the catastrophic destruction…

    by Munira
  • Perspective from the future ; A letter to my young self

    Dear Sesetu… The year is 2050 and you have come a long way since you started your academic journey. In…

    by SesetuNyeleka
  • Looking back while pushing forward

    Dear Kim, So, you survived 2019, your first year of PhD! Well done, “future you” is proud! Looking back on…

    by kimberleightommy
  • Reflecting on the beautiful that has been 2019

    Dear Joyful, The year is 2050 and I am celebrating my 57th birthday. As I sit back to take in…

    by Joyful Mdhluli
  • The Fantastic Four of 2019

    The year is coming to an end, slowly for some, too fast for others. Time to look back and reflect…

    by roulail