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    I have always made jokes about how I want to be a housewife after getting my PhD. A housewife with…

    by Joyful Mdhluli
  • Getting your scicomm on

    Science communication or “scicomm” as it is termed, is becoming an increasingly important tool in the skills repertoire of scientists.…

    by kimberleightommy
  • Why Astronomers are so excited about the EHT Black Hole image

    You must have seen the slightly blurry image of a black hole event horizon making the rounds on the internet…

    by Munira
  • Be part of the global and national “voice” of science: G200 YF, SAYAS, ASLP, GYA and other acronyms

    In current global economic and political conditions, the role of socially responsible science is stressed for its importance. To my…

    by roulail
  • A journey of numerous lessons

    As many academics will let you know the academic journey is one that will teach you a variety of life…

    by SesetuNyeleka