IAMP Young Physician Leaders programme

Aiming to develop a critical mass of young physician leaders in a learning and action network worldwide. The Young Physician Leaders programme is IAMP’s flagship effort to challenge its member academies to support young physicians in their home countries and to strengthen their leadership skills – fostering a new generation of leaders in global health for the 21st Century.

After five annual sessions and one regional session, IAMP has brought together more than 85 alumni. These are now listed in the new interactive online directory along with their profiles and specializations. With an overview map, searchable areas of expertise and direct links to short biographies and contact information, visitors can easily identify YPL alumni in their fields of interest.

In addition, IAMP is also launching a series of short slide-show documentaries recorded during the latest YPL workshop at the October 2014 World Health Summit in Berlin, Germany.

The four slide-shows showcase different aspects of the programme and allow the YPL themselves to express their thoughts and opinions on this IAMP initiative.

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