Proceedings Report: Symposium on Socio-Ecological Novelty- Frontiers in Sustainability Research

This proceedings report results from deliberations of SAYAS, Die Junge Akademie and the Global Young Academy at a symposium on socio-ecological novelty in March 2013. The Presentations and discussions focused on amongst others: novel ecosystems, biological invasion, ecosystem engineers; health, mindsets and sustainable health systems; socio-ecological resilience and sustainable; adaptation to climate change; green utopia and geo-climate engineering; agricultural food production vis-à-vis sustainability including distribution challenges; sustainable energy. Please find the report here.


The Research Experience of Young Scientists in South Africa

 AE Schutte, C Wright, G Langdon, C Lochner & B Myers 

Funding, future opportunities and support regarding mentorship, career guidance and financing are the main concerns and challenges of postgraduate students in South Africa. This emerged in a report, launched on 6 November 2013 of the South African Young Academy of Sciences (SAYAS), entitled ‘The Research Experience of Young Scientists in South Africa.’ The report analyses a survey conducted by SAYAS on the general needs of young scientists and provides insights into some of the reasons for the low production rate of doctoral students in the country. The survey focused on the profile and research experience of postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows in South Africa - Honours to post-PhD. A total of 1021 young scientists took part in the survey. Please find the report here.