Science for Policy

  • Breakfast with a scientist/ bacon and eggheads programme
Convener: Jeff Murugan
A parliamentary outreach project to engage parliamentarians with scientists in the hope of driving an emphasis on evidence-base policy decisions in South Africa has been envisioned. This is modeled on a similar, highly successful initiative by our partners in Canada.
  • Water roundtable
Convener: Sershen Naidoo
In 2013, SAYAS and ASSAf hosted a water roundtable discussion as a side-event during the Third Global Conference on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security, and Climate Change in Johannesburg. The roundtable focused on water security in Africa and discussed the challenges, obstacles and potential solutions around water security in Africa. These kinds of events are implemented to spark new ideas for research endeavours, and contribute to current debate on critical issues in South Africa and the continent
  • Families in science: to Parent or not to parent
Convener: Bronwyn Myers
Discusses the challenges faced by young scientist mothers and fathers to identify recommendations for better synergies between family and science in the workplace.
  • Science and society
Convener: Alex Broadbent
Implemented in the form of workshops and a blog, this project focuses on contributing to the critical understanding of the nature of science amongst scientists and non-scientists.