Schools Outreach

  • Bridging Programme
Convener: Tiri Chinyoka
Brings together senior undergraduates and postgraduates to train grade 12 learners from disadvantaged to schools to prepare them for university, they also offer Saturday classes.
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Awareness
Focused on promoting the uptake of nanoscience and nanotechnology amongst learners in South Africa.
  • Mentoring
Convener: Rapela Maphanga
Three activities are linked to this project with a focus on adopting schools, empowering teachers, and a focus on education for girls. Inquiry based science education methods will be adopted.More information inquiry based science education can be found here.
  • National Science Week
SAYAS partners with the Academy of Science of South Africa to implement the Department of Science and Technology’s National Science Week activities annually. We give lectures, motivate learners, share experiences with teachers, and have fun doing various experiments.  Check it out on our photo gallery.
  • Science Spaza
In partnership with Jive Media Africa, Science Spaza is an initiative which aims to establish and support a network of science clubs throughout South Africa to get learners and educators excited about science through hands-on engagement supported with appropriate resources.