SAYAS calls for nomination of young scientists into the academy on an annual basis. To qualify for nomination, a candidate should meet the following criteria:

  • Possession of a Doctoral degree in any field of scientific enquiry, where science is defined broadly as encompassing natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, medical sciences and engineering
  • Evidence of scientific excellence through an established publications record, and receipt of honours and awards;
  • Evidence of activities demonstrating service to society;
  • Willingness to volunteer their time and effort to SAYAS activities.
  • Typically under the age of 40 years and within 7 years from receipt of Doctoral degree at the time of nomination. Nomination of candidates who deviate from this expected profile requires additional motivation.

Anyone can nominate an emerging young scientist for SAYAS membership.

2015 Nominations for New SAYAS Members

The South African Young Academy of Science seeks to elect the country’s leading emerging researchers in basic and applied science, engineering, social sciences, arts and the humanities. In addition to their demonstrated research excellence, candidates should also be able to show an ongoing commitment to improving South African science through engagement in community development, capacity building and mentoring activities.

SAYAS Call for New Member Nominations Letter 2015

SAYAS New Member Nomination Form 2015

South African Young Academy of Science- Background Information

*Voting ends 31 May2015